The development of the personal computers and the Internet systems has provided interactive computing power for individuals. Today the majority of people encounter software applications as part of their daily life, and computing plays an indispensable role in our society in general. The growing need for both qualitative and quantitative improvements in software technology will also be much greater in the future. Considering the product costs, decreases in the cost of computer hardware will trigger a need for dramatic reductions in the cost of software.
In the past decades, researchers and institutions in various fields have made contributions to enhancing the quality and productivity of software and opened up a wide range of new possibilities for the way in which computers can be used. However, evolution of software technology is still depends on software developers, and there is still much room for improvement to achieve higher productivity, improved quality and shorter development cycle-time.
The NISE (Network, Information and Software Engineering) focuses on the aspects of information processing systems, as the integration of network, information, and software technology. Our main concern is therefore to investigate the cooperation between humans and software technology.

Team NISE (Sep. 2009)

Department of Software Engineering, Seto Campus, Nanzan University (Apr. 2009)

Kiasho-no-ike Located near NISE Office

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